BBC Addiction Review: Any Good?

Interracial porn gaming has never looked so good!

Black Stimulation has been in the news a little lately: especially after they released Ebony Paradise just a few weeks ago. Today, I want to talk about BBC Addiction – this game originally came out in July of 2022, and it last received a patch update in March of 2023. As the name suggests, it’s a porn game themed around interracial sex, where hot white chicks get filled to the brim with big black dicks!

For this review, I spent a total of 5 hours in the game over the course of a week. I wish I could have played BBC Addiction for longer, but sadly – it’s just not that simple! There are so many adult games there to play, and it’s not like I can spend my entire life devoted to playing them 24/7. As much as I like the idea of that, there are other things to life than porn gaming – crazy to say, I know. But it’s true! Anyway, let’s look at BBC Addiction in close detail so I can tell you what I think about this game.


Overall, the gameplay was fine. It has a visual novel approach, but there are more options and branches than I originally thought there would be. This is more than acceptable, but suffice to say – some people might be overwhelmed with the clicking. Thankfully, there is a ‘skip’ button on most dialog options, so if you just want to get straight to the vital points of BBC Addiction, you can do so with ease. The options menu also has an option for text speed, so if you want to speed things along, that’s also an option.


I think we all know that Black Stimulation is a great studio: they’ve always created games that look fantastic, and it really did begin with BBC Addiction. The quality of the renders that you’ll find in this game are out of this world. The skin looks stellar, the physics are fantastic and all of the sex scenes are also saved once they’re unlocked, so you can go back and play them time and time again. It’s also not too intense on the graphics card or CPU: I have a productivity-focused ultra book and it had zero issues running BBC Addiction. Given just how impressive this game looks, that’s really saying something. In fact, I can’t think of the last time I came across an interracial porn game that was this stunning visually.

Access & Download

I know that some people might not be happy with this, but BBC Addiction is a download exclusive: you cannot play this title through your browser. Black Stimulation has many games that run in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but BBC Addiction isn’t one of them. This is a bit of a shame, but the game itself is 6 GB when unpacked, so it does make sense. The game is zipped nicely though: the download package was only 4.2 GB. Oh, I also want to make it clear that you can sign up for Black Stimulation – the publisher for this game – completely free of charge. It doesn’t cost anything to create an account. You have an optional payment choice if you want, but it’s just that: optional. You unlock beta access to games, a badge on the forums, the removal of adverts and a few other benefits.

Final Thoughts On BBC Addiction

I think it’s fair to say that BBC Addiction was one of the first games that Black Stimulation released that really took this platform to the next level. They’ve shown time and time again that they can create great games with ebony skin as a focus, and this interracial-focused simulator is absolutely stellar. I’m more than happy to say that I endorse this product and the whole portal: they’ve got what a lot of punters want! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next review. Until then, happy gaming!

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