Family Stimulation Teases Zelda Incest Game

Love the Zelda series? Perhaps this incest game might be your cup of tea.

Look: there’s no shortage of parody games out there themed on Zelda – but finding one that also brings in the incest factor is quite rare indeed. A few weeks ago I wrote up a review on Family Stimulation and I mentioned that they were really quite serious when it came to game creation and unique ideas. Well, they’ve done it again – at least, they will have when Zelda’s Daddy Issues comes out. Yup, that’s the name of this parody game: Zelda’s Daddy Issues. If that’s the type of title that you like the idea of – well, this is the portal that you absolutely need to know about!

It’s a visual novel of sorts, but they claim that there will be some combat elements in classic Zelda fashion. I’ve always loved these games and I’m pretty confident that this project is going to be a massive success. I spoke to the community manager on Family Stimulation’s Discord server and he told me that it ought to be available by August 2023. They’ll have a beta before then and the full game will likely take about 10 hours to finish from start to finish.

It’s a browser exclusive and as always with Family Stimulation, free to play. You can opt to give them a few bucks a month to get some extra features – but it’s entirely up to you whether or not you do that, and you can enjoy the entirety of the platform, and the games they have to offer, without spending a penny.

Are you looking forward to this Zelda incest game? Will you be playing Zelda’s Daddy Issues? Let us know in the comment section!

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