August Release Date For Final Fantasy Fuckers

Fuck Gamer has confirmed that Final Fantasy Fuckers will be released in August 2023.

We’ve already spoken about CyberFuck 2077 and its August release date: turns out that it’s going to be a big month for Fuck Gamer, since they’ve confirmed today that they’re going to also release Final Fantasy Fuckers for all of those that want a parody game themed around Final Fantasy VII! Porn Game News has noticed that there’s a distinct lack of content out there for those that want FFVII parody porn gaming, but since the rerelease of the game on PlayStation, the demand for such a product has gone through the roof.

Talking to Reshi (a community manager at Fuck Gamer) on Discord, he teased that FFF is likely to come out during the first week of August – meaning we won’t have to wait very long at all for the game to drop. How awesome is that?

The game is going to release with 15 characters you can have sexual simulations with: 9 females, 6 males. There are generic male and female sprites provided if you don’t want to roleplay as an FFVII character while you have sex with others in the game. It’s said that the campaign will take around 5 hours to complete and comes with over 60 sex scene renders – including 15 that you have control over to some extent. Reshi said that there’s around 20 minutes of non-stop sex scenes in Final Fantasy Fuckers and it took them 10 full days of using cloud-based rendering to churn out the footage. How insane is that?

So, get ready for Final Fantasy Fuckers and be sure to sign up to Fuck Gamer (it’s free) so you can play it as soon as it’s released!

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