Sexual Massage Shop Game Review

Let’s talk about this new game published by Production Pencil.

I’ll kick things off by saying that I don’t actually know if the misspelling the title of this game is intentional. Over on Steam right now, you’ll find that it’s actually called ‘Sexaul Massage Shop’, not ‘Sexual Massage Shop’. I cannot think of a single reason why they’d go for this misspelling, but it also seems like something that they would check and double check when putting the game on Steam. Anyway – I’m here to write up a review, so let’s do exactly that.

What is Sexual Massage Shop? Well, you’re a Japanese dude who’s fed up with life and you want to do something fun. You visit a… yup, sexual massage parlor, and there you meet a goddess by the name of Maki. She’s 160 cm tall, has measurements of 103-64-98 and absolutely lights up your day. The game is voice acted, which I’m sure a lot of you horny gamers are going to absolutely love. It’s done by Yuuki Honoka – I Googled her and she’s an absolute cutie. Her voice is also angelic – even if you’re not able to understand Japanese, I think you’ll have a great time.

When you first start the game, it’ll focus quite heavily on the sexual element of your interaction with Maki. After all, she’s there to do a job, and giving your cock a lot of attention is exactly what she gets paid to do! As the game goes on though – feelings develop, you get her number and the messages start flying. You’ll fall for this woman and it’s not just because she’s a diva when it comes to the ol’ meat stick.

Even for the English version on Steam, Sexual Massage Shop will be pixelated. I’m not a massive fan of this, but I know it’s the law in Japan and yeah – you don’t want to mess around too much when it comes to that type of thing. The good news is that the game has a lot of erotic sounds, so despite not being able to see everything that’s going on, you’ll want your headset on. Yuuki Honoka put in work – that much I can assure you of. The voice acting is fantastic, and the good bits will have repeated audio so you can sit back and relax, taking your time to, well, you know. It’s also possible to right-click on the game screen to remove the subtitle section, giving you a full look at the action that’s going on behind.

Sexual Massage Shop does have ear licking ASMR, so again: make sure you’ve got headphones on, because it’s going to make your time playing this title so much better. Maki really takes her time and loves to talk – there’s a lot of dialog here, and it has been translated automatically instead of manually. There were a few issues here and there, but I mean – it almost adds to the charm of these types of titles, right? That’s what I think, anyway!

Sexual Massage Shop is a little bit pricey at $30. It’s not a bad game at all, but if we’re looking at the money you’re putting in and what you’re getting out – yeah, it’s a bit steep. If you manage to catch it on sale, though? I’d definitely recommend it. Just for the ear noises alone. Now, to find Yuuki Honoka and have a real-life version of this experience…

Buy Sexual Massage Shop on Steam.

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