Ebony Paradise Released By Black Stimulation

A new porn game focused on white men and black women.

If you’ve always wanted to play a game where white guys get balls deep in delicious dark pussy, this is one project that you might want to check out. Black Stimulation has been pretty active as of late, and their archive has some of the best interracial releases we’ve seen. Historically, they’ve focused on white girls getting blacked, but now it’s time for the opposite to occur: all inside their new title called Ebony Paradise.

The developers claim that it’ll take you roughly 5 hours to complete the title from start to finish: it’s an RPG with a lot of dialog, but you’ve got the option to ‘abridge’ text so it won’t take you that long to read through what’s happening (while still getting the plot). You’ll come across a lot of famous characters from various games and for my money, that’s pretty sweet. You’ve got Street Fighter, Overwatch and Resident Evil to name but a few. They also plan to release a content patch before the end of the year, adding a further 2 or so hours of gameplay. Ebony Paradise sure is shaping up to be quite the XXX game – especially if you’re addicted to black women (like me!).

Alongside Ebony Paradise, signing up to Black Stimulation provides you with access to 15 other games, including Blacked Babe Bounty, Dark Temptations on White Island, Ivory Punishment and many more. We hope to have a full review up on Black Stimulation in the near future, but if you want to just jump ahead and get access to their entire game catalog, you can use the signup link below. Please note that currently, Black Stimulation does not support Mac or Linux: you can only download these games if you’ve got a Windows PC.

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