Tri City Monsters Hits Kickstarter Goal of $5,000

It didn’t take long for Studio Peaches to hit its funding target.

Here at Porn Game News, we’re always excited when titles get the money that they desire. That’s why it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to announce that Tri City Monsters will go ahead as a free to play visual novel about three men with demonic sides. Takamori Kaito, Amir Naltheri and Akello Jones are the main characters in this otome project, and while it is mainly aimed at the ladies, you can still choose to play as a male character and have a penis for the sex scenes.

The original goal of $5,000 was reached, and now the project is starting to head into its stretch goals, with $6,666 already reached: additional sprites will be added for many characters. If the project hits $7,777, Tri City Monsters will then add new outfits and expressions. There’s also a $10,000 goal for a threesome chapter and $15,000 for partial voice acting. Pretty awesome stuff – let’s hope that Studio Peaches can get the money they deserve!

Is this a project that you might be interested in? Well, I guess the best thing to do is head on over to the Kickstarter page. How would you find that page, exactly? I’m here to help, so follow this link and you’ll get your Tri City Monsters Kickstarter goodness!

If you back with enough cash, you’ll be able to get mouse pads, pillow cases and even acrylic stands of the characters themselves. $300 is the tier that gets you everything and the kitchen sink. How much are you willing to spend? Let PGN know in the comments down below!

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