Valkyrie Story Gameplay & Screenshots

Let me show you what this game is like!

Valkyrie Story was released by Nuruhachi PonPon just a few days ago, so I figured it would be an idea for me to bring you some content that comes from it, since I haven’t seen to much around the Internet. Note that this isn’t a complete review – that might come later – but just a general look at what the game is like aesthetically and in terms of gameplay. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely – but I’m a guy who’s pretty easy to please when it comes to adult games. If you’re interested, you can buy the game at DLSite – it’s around 10 bucks, but you can get a discount with a coupon if you sign up and buy a game here for the first time.

It’s a classic JRPG and if you’ve ever played FFVII, you’ll know exactly how this game plays and functions. Combat is very similar, as are potions and everything else. In fact, the only real big difference is the amount of sex that you’ll find throughout this particular title. It gets real naughty, real quick. You have been warned! It’s a little coercive too, so if that’s not your cup of tea – go play another game!

Anyway, here are some screenshots from Valkyrie Story if you don’t want to watch the video. Enjoy.

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