Free Steam Dating Simulator: The Artist

Despite being in early access, The Artist is pretty awesome.

If you head on over to Steam’s page for The Artist, you’ll have the ability to grab this game immediately and play it for free – if you’d like, of course. The fact that steam allows this type of content is really refreshing, and I’m glad they had a policy change so us horny gamers would have a place to grab the titles that we want.

The Artist was created by an Indie dev called Grotslot: despite being completely free to play, you can choose to spend $7.50 to support the development of the game. That particular version of the game is available here. Note that this was only added today – I’m happy to promote it so that gamers out there can enjoy a new title for free, but choose whether or not they want to support Grotslot!

As of July 2023, The Artist has over 26,000 words of dialog, 12 animated scenes (many of which are incredibly erotic) and around 2 hours of total gameplay available. Grotslot believes that the game still needs another year or so before it’s finished – fingers crossed that the development continues and we get to enjoy a completed product. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite genres of game is the Dating Simulator. I’m just obsessed!

I like the subtle Borderlands-style artwork, and I’m not opposed to big pair of milkers either. Check out the knockers on the babe above – what I’d give to suck on those! Ava’s a goddess and well, it’s down to you to make the right decisions to get the best possible outcome. Do you trust her? Will you question your sanity? What’s the truth behind this vixen? There’s a rich story here, and I don’t want to spoil chapter 1, but yeah: I’ve played through it and it’s pretty sweet.

Want to play this game? For FREE? Then visit The Artist on Steam right now.

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