League Lesbians Patch 2.7 Released

Finally, an update for League Lesbians!

Patch 2.6 for League Lesbians was way back in November of 2022, so I think it’s safe to say that myself, as well as many others, were pleased when Lesbian Stimulation dropped patch 2.7 for the game just last night. I’ve played it for about 20 minutes and hot damn – does it look fantastic. Like always, Lesbian Stimulation has done incredible work when it comes to in-game quality and it’s just amazing how well the game runs, even on a low-end machine (my semi-old laptop ran League Lesbians without a single issue).

I’m convinced that for anyone who wants a great League of Legends parody game, this is pretty much the best on the market. All of the characters can be played (except for a few who are, you know, not really suitable (Annie, you sick fuck!)) and the game will render their sexual encounters on the fly for you. So, what’s new with patch 2.7 of League Lesbians? Here’s a detailed breakdown provided by the team:

    • Added Nilah to the base game, as well as 3 skins to pick from. More skins can be unlocked by completing various achievements.
    • Reworked character models of the following champions: Camille, Syndra, Vayne and Nidalee.
    • Added 27 new skins to the game. 10 are available by default, 17 are unlocked by completing various achievements.
    • Added windowed borderless mode.
    • Added support for game controllers.
    • Increased number of savable scenes from 10 to 25. We will continue to work on further storage optimizations to increase this again.
    • Four new scene sets have been added, all unlocked by default: Castle, Sauna, Train and Cottage. Each scene set contains at least 3 sub-locations to pick from.
    • More voiceover lines added for Ahri, Poppy, Katarina, Nidalee and Janna. Over 25 minutes of dialog in total.

Well: I’m pretty much sold that this will be the best patch ever! If you’ve never played League Lesbians before, you can sign up to play it using the button below. Have fun and happy jerking!

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